Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beauty shot test without beauty dish.

Using only one flash and took my time doing high-end retouch as well. Ah, i'm still a beginner at this. It takes plenty of time doing this kind of retouch, retoucher sure is a jobb with patience lol.

I want to do more fashion shot with real models and stuffs, which i haven't really got a hold into in the new place so i've been tesing out on myself in this 20square room, yep... in my little corner, not a studio really but who cares if as long as you can take photos so whereabouts doesn't matter x)

Yes, the door is my best backgrounds ="D. White door can create white och grey background or just hang something else on it and you'll get the background as you please. Remember, if you've got the right stuffs and creativity, you can take photos anywhere!


  1. Well done, looks great, despite the simple equipment. A proper example that it's the photographer that matters :)

    1. Thank you, Hampus! such warm words to one's heart! <3